• Head of the topic: MSc. Vu Xuan Trung
  • The host institution: Center for Occupational Health
  • Code: 204/01/TLĐ
  • Year of implementation:
  • Status:



  • Construction and installation of a mobile health and occupational disease clinic based on a mobile hearing examination vehicle and some available medical equipment.
  • Develop procedures, test apply and put into use mobile health and occupational disease clinics.


  • Research on design and installation of X-ray booths and standard audiometric cabins in mobile occupational health clinics.
  • Operate and test the machine; Develop processes and train staff to use machinery and equipment to examine health and occupational diseases in mobile examination rooms. Apply, deploy and put into use the occupational health clinic for employees.

MAIN RESULTS AND PRODUCTS OF THE PROJECT: The project has created the product “Mobile occupational health clinic” including examination and testing procedures with modern specialized equipment performed right at the facility. Department.  Specifically:

  • Clinical examination process according to prescribed specialties with high efficiency, convenience and saving examination time;
  • X-rays to diagnose lung diseases and occupational musculoskeletal diseases are performed on a mobile vehicle, providing quick results, ensuring radiation safety for the photographer and those around him;
  • Hearing measurement in a standard soundproof booth reduces the time needed to screen for the disease and immediately diagnose cases of occupational deafness;
  • Measure indicators of respiratory function, hearing, and electrocardiogram to diagnose occupational lung diseases and occupational-related diseases;
  • Tests to diagnose occupational vibration include cold test, measuring vibration sensation, pain perception, capillaroscopy, and arthrography;
  • Procedure for taking samples for on-site testing of hematological, biochemical and urine indicators to diagnose occupational diseases and occupational-related diseases…